Sweet Almond Base Oil – 100ml


Sweet Almond Base Oil is loaded with powerful vitamins and antioxidants and is suitable for sensitive, dry and oily skin.

May help reduce acne, boost collagen production and protect skin against the potential sun damage. It also has mild anti-inflammatory properties.

Commonly used as the carrier/base oil for cosmetic purposes. It’s also often used in massage therapy to help relieve muscular pains and soreness.

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Botanical Name: Prunus Amygdalu Dulcis

Origin: The Almond Tree is native to the Middle East and South Asia but has since been grown in various other areas including southern Europe and the warmer parts or United States. Our Sweet Almond Base Oil is produced in USA and is obtained from the pressed seeds of the almond fruit.

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed.

Colour and Odour: has pale yellow to golden yellow colour and its almost odourless

Texture: Very Light texture

Shelf Life: 1 year
Tested for purity and subjected to rigorous quality control standards.

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