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Hey there, my name's Tracy, my friends call me trayce, thanks so much for checking out my blog.  I hope you'll enjoy learning about the awesome benefits of using essential oils. You'll find them not only great for general aches and pains, but also as household cleaning agents and personal body care too. One things for sure, natural beats synthetic any day so win win right?

I've been fascinated by Mother Nature's Medicine Cabinet ever since I was a kid and discovered that a nettle sting could be eased with a dock leaf, many moons ago now lol These days I work from home and my two boys are young adults so not so demanding on my time, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to delve into Essential oils at last.

Writing this blog is an awesome way to keep an account of everything I learn, and being able to share the info with people like you is much more fun than going it alone.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and flowers, and are considered by many to contain Nature's healing properties. Aromatherapy is pretty awesome stuff and and the benefits they can bring are a joy to discover. I hope you'll find my blog interesting and helpful. If you like what you see be sure to subscribe to my mailing list so I can send you free recipes to try and keep you updated with any new posts.

It would be great to here from you if you fancy leaving me a comment below 🙂



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